Mardi Himal Trek Cost 
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Published On : 30th November, 2023

Mardi Himal Trek Cost 

Mardi Himal Trek is the most peaceful and quiet trekking region of Annapurna. This trek takes you to an altitude of 4500 m. You can enjoy the undistributed tradition of ethnic people in this region. A general idea about the Mardi Himal Trek Cost is necessary before you plan your trek.

This journey takes you to Annapurna Conservation Area, with diverse flora and fauna. You can enjoy the panoramic sights of Mount Mardi, Annapurna Massif, Ganga Purna, Himchuli, Machhapuchhre, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal. You can enjoy the Machhapuchhre Himal from very near on this trek. 

This trek lets you cherish the raw natural beauties like lakes and waterfalls. This serene and wild trekking trail passes through lush Rhododendron forests. The Gurung community will amaze you with its typical traditions and culture. 

Mardi Himal Trek costs around $555 to $645 per person. This amount is divided into food, accommodation, transportation, Trekking equipment, Visa, Trekking Permits, Travel Insurance, Guide and Porter costs. 

Book a package from a registered local travel agency and enjoy your trek. But a basic idea about how your budget is divided into factors helps to manage your budget. Let’s learn about the Mardi Himal Trek Cost with us. 

Accommodation Cost  

Mardi Himal Trek takes you to remote areas where only tea houses and homestays are available along the trail. The facilities and services of those tea houses are not grand and luxurious but very comfortable. 

Once you enter a remote area, the lower regions are cheaper, while the higher regions are expensive. According to the altitude difference, it costs around $5 to $7. Tea houses provide warm food and a two-bedroom with blankets and pillows. 

Mardi Himal Trek Cost

Transportation Cost

Mardi Himal Trek starts from Kande. You can choose a bus, a tourist coach, or a flight to Kande from Kathmandu. It costs around $5 to $10 to reach Kande from Kathmandu by bus. You can also book a tourist couch for a comfortable journey, which costs around $25. 

There is also a domestic flight available. You can fly to Pokhara from Kathmandu and then take a bus to Kande. The flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara costs around $50 to $120 per person, according to season and weather. You can reach Kande by bus from Pokhara for $2.

Your health is affected by the mode of transportation you select. So, choose the travel method that comforts you rather than makes you sick. 

Food Cost 

The food cost varies from lower to higher altitudes. Food is cheaper in lower altitudes and expensive once you reach higher altitudes. This is due to the difficulty of transporting raw food materials to such high altitudes. 

The cost of food ranges from $3 to $7, according to the altitude. Its cost starts from $3 in lower altitudes and goes up to $7 in higher altitudes. The water is also quite expensive in this area. It costs around $1 to $3. 

Permit Cost 

Mardi Himal lies in the Annapurna Region. So, to complete this trek, you must get an Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit and a TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) permit. It is one of the crucial aspects to consider when planning for the Mardi Himal Trek Cost. 

Annapurna Conservation Area is a protected area by the Government of Nepal. So, to enter any part of the Annapurna Region, you need a legal permit. It is available in the Nepal Tourism Board of Kathmandu and Pokhara. 

The cost of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project ( ACAP) Permit depends on your nationality. 

  • If you are from a SAARC country, then it costs NRP 2000.
  • If you are from other foreign countries, then it costs NRP 200.

 A TIMS card is mandatory for trekkers’ safety. It keeps records of trekkers to track their information during emergency cases.TIMS cards can be obtained from the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) of Kathmandu or the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN). 

If you apply for this permit through a registered Trekking Agency, then it will cost less. 

The cost for TIMS varies in the following conditions:

  • It costs USD 20 for individual trekkers.
  • If you apply through the registered Trekking Agency, it costs only USD 10.
  • If you are a SAARC country resident, then it costs USD 6.

Travel Insurance Cost 

Travel Insurance is mandatory for trekking in Nepal. Trekking in this region is quite risky and challenging due to off-beat paths. That’s why you need insurance that covers all your costs during any emergency in the journey.  

It is best to get from your country before your Nepal flight. While booking a package, you need to provide your insurance details to the travel agencies in Nepal so that they can get you permits. Insurance generally costs $150 for 30 days. Consequently, this cost adds up to the Mardi Himal Trek Cost. 

Equipment Cost

Trekking gear is one of the affecting factors for Mardi Himal Trek Cost. You can either buy it or rent it to save your money. If you want to buy your trekking gear, it costs around $500 to $1000. Buying all the equipment for just one trek is not budget-friendly. So, it is best to rent it.

You can rent high-quality trekking gear from a reputable rental shop in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Equipment such as poles, crampons, weatherproof coats, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags are available in rental shops. Renting these trekking gear costs USD 1 to USD 10 per day.

You better check the quality and condition of all those gears before renting. Renting can save your budget in high dimensions. So, you can save money by making wise decisions for your trek.

Guide and Porter Cost

A professional guide is mandatory for your trekking if you are a foreigner. You can hire them from Travel agencies while booking a package. Hiring a professional licensed guide costs around $20 to $30 daily, essential information for anyone considering the Mardi Himal Trek Cost. If your backpacks are heavy, we suggest hiring a porter as well. 

Hiring a porter costs $18 to $20 per day. A guide helps you to navigate the routes and socialize with local people. They also help you to pre-book your homestays. Your journey will be very merrier if you take a guide with you. 

Visa Cost

You can get a visa from Tribhuvan International Airport once you arrive. You can also apply for a travel visa online before visiting Nepal, an essential step to consider when calculating the Mardi Himal Trek Cost. The cost of a visa varies according to the days you want to spend here. 

A Visa for staying 15 days in Nepal costs $30. If you want to stay here for a month, it costs $5. For staying 90 days in Nepal, it costs $125. So you can apply for your visa accordingly. 


Therefore, Mardi Himal Trek is suited for peace lovers. You get an opportunity to see many Himalayas while Machhapuchhre is near. The diverse flora and fauna will make your heart flutter. 

Mardi Himal Trek costs around $555 to $645 per person for Mardi Himal Trek. You can make it cheaper by following our guide in this blog. Have fun trekking to Mardi Himal!

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