Guide and Porter Hiring for Everest Panorama Trek
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Published On : 30th November, 2023

Guide and Porter Hiring for Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panorama Trek is the best short trek for the panoramic view of the World’s Highest Peak, Mount Everest (8848 m). This trek takes you to the lap of the Himalayas and the loving Sherpa community. Everest View Trek is merrier with a guide and porter hiring. 

On your first day, you will be trekking to Phakding from Lukla. Next day, you will head to Namche Bazaar and acclimatize for two days. Then, you will head to Tengboche, Khumjung, and Everest View Hotel. From the Everest View Hotel, one of the high-altitude hotels, you can enjoy the view of Mount Everest vividly. 

The sight of sunrise through the world’s highest peak is the most memorable part of this trek. The natural sceneries of landscapes, mountains, flora and fauna amaze you with their beauty. The journey is beautiful, leading you to the best scenery of Mount Everest.

The Everest Panorama Trek is moderate. The difficulty increases in the off-season. So, guide and porter hiring can make your trek comfortable in any season. The complicated trails and the ascent and descent of trials with a heavy carry are very difficult. So, Guide and Porter Hiring for the Everest panorama trek will make your journey easier.

Short Everest Trek

Why hire a Guide and Porter?

Everest Panorama Trek is a trek to view Mount Everest’s scenery. The remote mountainous trails may be difficult to attempt by yourself. A guide and a porter are the best helping hand to trek such areas. 

Whether in route navigating, carrying backpacks, or any other problems, they will help you and ensure your comfort. Trekking remote areas is risky, and emergencies are inevitable. You may suffer from altitude sickness and cannot tackle complicated weather conditions. 

So, every possible problem you may face while trekking is solved with the help of a guide and porter. While hiring a guide, look for a professional guide with a license. A professional guide with experience is very trustworthy. They will make sure of clients’ safety. They are the local experts, well-known with the local areas and their cultures. 

They are well known for routes in remote areas and help you interact with locals, which makes your journey enjoyable. They help you with techniques of trekking and acclimatization to prevent altitude sickness. During altitude sickness, they will guide you to medical services. 

They are a support system during the trek. They will motivate and encourage you to keep on continuing the journey. A porter will help you carry backpacks and give you knowledge about the local lifestyle of the Himalayan community. 

Guide and Porter Hiring 

A guide is a professional person who helps you complete your journey smoothly.

They will help you with the permits, tickets, and hotels and ensure your health condition during the trek. 

They will help to prebook the rooms in tea houses for nightstays. Also, altitude sickness is most probable in the high-altitude region. A guide will keep your health condition in check. They will guide you to prevent altitude sickness.

Hire a certified professional guide with previous trekking experience and a license from a local travel agency. They will help you with navigation and trek itinerary. They will explain information about local cultures, history, and lifestyles. With a guide, your journey will become easier and merrier. 

A porter is the person who helps you with your luggage carriage. They can carry 20 kilograms of carriage. Porters will help you carry the load during the trek and help you interact with locals. They are very well known to the locals and their languages. So, you can enjoy the true daily life of the Himalayas and interact with locals if you hire a porter. 

Before guide and porter hiring, you must go through details about them. You have to carefully choose a guide because you are investing in someone who will accompany you throughout your journey. That’s why you must look out for these factors before hiring them.

Guide license

Hire a guide with a guide license. A licensed guide is professional and can guide you in a difficult journey. So you must look for their license. License is legally provided only for trained and experienced guides. 

Frauding is common nowadays. So, while hiring a guide, you must ask for their license as proof. A certified license holder is the best option for the guide. 

The licensed guide makes your journey easier and teaches you much about trekking tips and the region you are trekking. You can trek without worry if you have a licensed guide beside you throughout your journey.


A well-experienced guide will help you with trail complications, weather conditions, and altitude sickness. So, don’t hesitate to ask for their experience. Hire someone who is well-experienced and can handle any situation that follows during your trek. 

Experience is very needed regarding the difficulties along the way to base camp. A well-experienced guide is very helpful in your journey. So, be well prepared to enjoy your journey with them.

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First-aid training

Many medical emergencies may occur during the trek. A first-aid trained guide helps you in any situation, ensuring your health. During guide and porter hiring, ask if they are well-trained for emergencies or if they are not to be guaranteed a safe trip without worrying about your health issues.


It’s a difficult journey with many outcomes, including life and death. So, if you don’t want any complications afterward, hire a guide with health insurance. Insurance helps with the bothersome aftermath.


Check personal reviews of the guide online to make sure about their company. The reviewed guide is more handy and saves you trouble. Choose a guide with good reviews, as your life is at stake.

However, the decisions would be yours; it is better to refer to those reviews in case of any mistake. 

You can refer to these factors before booking a guide for your trek. What are the trustful resources for guide booking? If you book a package from a Travel Agency, you can hire a guide from the same agency. 

Or else you can check out the following websites: Honey Guide, Sherpana, and Sherpa Hire. For details, you can contact them personally. You can hire a porter from the entrance of the trek or ask a travel agency to help contact them beforehand. 

Cost Required 

A Guide requires about $35 to $ 50 per day, according to their experience. At the same time, a porter requires about 15$ to 35$ per day. You can also hire a guide-porter. They cost you $30 per day. 

The costs of hiring include their daily salary, insurance, meals, and accommodation fees. You can easily hire a guide and a porter from Kathmandu or Lukla. Choose a trusted local travel agency company or online booking platform to hire them. If you book your package, you can hire them from the same agency.


Everest Panorama Trek is an amazing trek to view Mount Everest. Enjoy this trek with a secure guide and porter hiring, saving any trouble. You can hire them either from Kathmandu or directly in Lukla. 

Thus, enjoy your trek with a guide and a porter. Make your journey memorable with the help of them. Cherish your journey to the fullest. 

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