Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep: Cost, Accommodation, Distance, Comfort Zone, And More
Rajesh Neupane Written By: Rajesh Neupane
Published On : 6th September, 2023

Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep: Cost, Accommodation, Distance, Comfort Zone, And More

Visiting Everest via a flight to Lukla is the most famous route that every trekker enjoys. But some Specific Travelers prefer Visiting Everest by land route (Kathmandu to salleri). To visit Everest via road head from Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep Transportation is the most famous and much preferred one and is the best way to explore the Khumbu Region in a much better way.

Why Should You Choose Jeep From Kathmandu To Salleri?

In the season, there is a high chance of bad weather climates, cheap rates with comfortable, and the next level of adventure with safety enjoying the view many trekkers choose this route for flexibility and more. As a newbie trekker to Nepal, this route will be beneficial for you and your group to enjoy the view with safety.

Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation

We do have Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation. Our service of Jeep Transportation is either Sharing or Private. The Jeep cost varies according to the Jeep standard and facilities among the seasons too.

snow at salleri road by kathmandu to salelri
snowfall at salleri road

Sharing Jeep From Kathmandu to Salleri

Taking a Sharing Jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri is cost-friendly where you’ll enjoy the company of other trekkers too and a chance of knowing new trekkers. If you book Kathmandu to Salleri Sharing Jeep then you need to be at the Salleri Jeep station located at Chabahil, Kathmandu. For More Navigation, you can contact us to know the routes and historic sights of Kathmandu with a professional guide from our Agency.

Kathmandu to Salleri via Private Jeep

A private Jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri is a little costlier than the Sharing one. Private jeep to Salleri will be much more comfortable in comparison to the Sharing Jeep and the Jeep with driver will come to your hotel for the pickup. While going towards the route you can enjoy the view of the Himalayas.

jeep route towards salleri
Some Jeeps which go to Salleri

Salleri Distance from Kathmandu

Salleri lies in the Solukhumbu District of Nepal. The distance to Salleri from Kathmandu is about 275 kilometers which takes around 9 hours to reach by Jeep ride. Be prepared as road conditions might not be that good.

Sharing Jeep to Salleri departure time

The departure time for Salleri Jeep is 5.00 am in the Morning. So reporting time will be from 4.00 to 4.30 am in the Morning. While in Private Jeep, you could set your departure time in the morning.

Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep Costs

The cost breakdown for Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep is listed below: While the cost may vary from time to time according to season, climate, and more. Make sure you book earlier and secure your seats.

  • Kathmandu to Salleri Sharing Jeep costs 30 USD.
  • Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep costs 250USD.
  • Kathmandu to Thamadada Jeep costs 417 USD. – Alternate of Lukla Flight (Private)

Kathmandu to directly Jeep Salleri to Thamadada – Alternate of Lukla Flight

The best way to trek the Everest base camp trek without the Lukla flight tickets is to land way by hiring a Jeep which takes 6-7 hours from Salleri to Thamadada and the rest is to hike towards the Everest base camp. The whole route after Salleri is offroad which is an alternative to Lukla Flight

glimpse of salleri road
Saller Scene

Booking Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep from Info Nepal

We as a Travel and Trekking agency do provide the service of Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep. Our departure ratio is 100 percent guaranteed with your level of comfort. Dates are flexible, so in order to book Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation you can either email us at [email protected] or our WhatsApp at +9779841936940

Necessary Things To Carry

  • Thermos/ Water Bottle
  • Medicine
  • Chocolate
  • Medical Mask For Dust prevention, etc

Meanwhile, check the youtube video shorts of the journey toward Jeep from Kathmandu to salleri.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take from Kathmandu to Salleri by Jeep?

The average time to reach the Salleri by Jeep from Kathmandu is about 10-11 hours.

What is the distance from Kathmandu to Salleri?

The distance from Kathmandu to Salleri is approximately 267.9 kilometers.

How to book the ticket, and how much it cost?

We will help you to book the ticket for you for your easier. Also, you can book a ticket in advance or the spot by yourself. Cost depends on whether you ride on a sharing basis or hire personnel. For personal, it costs around 50 -100 $ while it costs 200-400 $ for private hire.

What are the road conditions from Kathmandu to Salleri?

Road conditions are different in different places. Some of them are graveled, while some of them are rough. Also, the road conditions depend upon which seasons you are traveling. We suggest not to travel in monsoon seasons.

What is the best time from Kathmandu to Salleri via Jeep?

During the time of Autumn and Spring seasons, it is best to travel to Salleri via Jeep. Road conditions get worse in the monsoon season and also there is a chance of landslides and roadblocks.

Is it Safe to travel in a Jeep?

For the safety of the passengers, all our vehicles are serviced on time and maintained properly. Also, the driver is a professional, and we follow all the driving safety protocols to ensure that our travelers are safe during the ride.

Is there a weight limit for the baggage?

For the safety of the travelers, you cannot take more bags than required. There is a certain weight limit for your baggage, which you can conform to before you book your ticket.

Are there any accommodations in Salleri for tourists?

There are enough accommodations in Salleri, but during the peak seasons, we request you to book earlier.

Can I carry food and drinks while driving in Jeep?

Of course, you can buy various types of snacks and drinks before you drive so that you can enjoy them while you are traveling in a Jeep.

Do we need a permit While riding the Jeep from Kathmandu to Salleri?

After getting the ticket of Jeep, you don’t need any permit while riding from Kathmandu to Salleri. The permit is required only while entering a Restricted Area or Conservation Area.

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