Kaligandaki Rafting

Kaligandaki Rafting


The wild beauty of untamed and unpredictable water is the cornerstone of this adventure. The Kaligandaki is considered the “greatest all-around stream in Nepal” and among Nepal’s most holy waterways. The name derives from “Kali,” the goddess of demolition.

The trail sidelining the stream is adorned with white sandy shores prime for camping. Additionally, this excursion will reveal glorious mountains, sanctuaries, canyons, and access to the untouched wilderness adorned in every direction.

Energizing rapids and cascades are in abundance with a Kaligandaki Rafting experience. The trip will deliver a connective force with the natural world and offer the opportunity to profoundly engage with the flow of the water and beat of the wind.

Kaligandaki is one of the major highlights of a Nepalese journey!

Itinerary Overview

Day 01 : Kathmandu/Pokhara – Nayapool – Modikhola

Day 02 : Modikhola – Purti Ghat

Day 03 : Purti Ghat – Mirme to Pokhara

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