Top 5 best treks in Everest Region

salleri to everest base camp trek

What is trekking?

Trekking is defined as the form of exploring the scenic beauty, cultures, and traditions of the local people of a particular place on foot. It is well known throughout the world and also considered as the best and healthy tips to maintain your health. 

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is the best destination for trekking. Many people all around the world want to view and explore the legendary Himalayas. It can either be done by trekking or by flight. If you want to do something better and make your memories fresh and unforgettable then trekking is the best thing to do to make your dream come true.

There are many trekking destinations in Nepal. One of the best trekking destinations in Nepal is the Everest region. As we all know that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Everybody wants to touch or feel the aroma of the tallest mountain in the world. So the government of Nepal has made perfect tourist destinations for the Everest region.

The best 5 treks in the Everest region are Everest Base camp trek, Everest Chola pass trek, Everest base camp via Gokyo lake, island peak climbing with Everest base camp and Everest base camp heli trek.

1. Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trek is considered as one of the most famous and best trek in Nepal. It is located at the Solu-Khumbu district. Also known as the Khumbu region where Khumbu region is also called the kingdom of Himalayas. The trek consists of many Khumbu cultures, local people and their traditions and of course the mighty Himalayas. It is the only trek where you can view the mighty mount Everest very closely. It is so close to Mount Everest you can literally touch the base of Mount Everest. For those people who cannot climb mountain they can feel the real beauty of mount Everest once they reach the base camp of Mount Everest. The view that can be explored during the trekking is not enough through words. They are so majestic and breathtaking you cannot resist your self. This trek reflects the originality of the culture and the traditions of the Khumbu region as well. Overall this is the best memorable and unforgettable you would like to never miss out. 

Overview of Everest base camp trek

Maximum altitude: 5545 meters

Best time for trek: March-May, and September –  December 

Total duration: 16-18 days

Trek difficulty: Moderate

Destination: Nepal

The Everest base camp trek starts from a direct flight to Lukla from Tribhuvan international airport. Lukla airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The wilderness and thrilling experience starts from the airport itself. You can feel the cold breeze of the mountains after landing in Lukla airport. The trekking trail consists of many monasteries and goes through various Sherpa settlements before reaching the mighty tallest peak.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp trek

  • Worlds tallest mountain Everest
  • Kala Patthar
  • Tengboche monastery
  • Hillary museum
  • Sagarmatha national park

2. Everest Chola pass trek

Everest Chola pass trek is another best trek of the Khumbu region. It is comparatively less busy than EBC trek but it doesn’t mean that it is least famous. It offers everything like EBC trek offers. As you continue or start trekking then you can experience the beautiful Khumbu region, forests covered with snow, different sherpa monasteries, culture and tradition of local people, glacier and of course the glacier lakes. Chola pass is the highest pass of the Everest region. It is located at a height of 5420 meters. This trek offers you the best view of different mountains in the eastern region like Mount Everest, Mount Nuptse, Mount Lhotse, Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Pumori, etc.

Everest Chola pass trek starts from the direct flight from Tribhuvan international airport to Lukla airport. As mentioned above Lukla airport is the most dangerous airport in the world. As soon as you land in Lukla airport you can feel the difference between the busy roads of Kathmandu and the lonely roads of the Khumbu region. The trail takes up along the Dudh Kosi region where you eventually enter the Sagarmatha National Park. after entering the national park the trail takes you towards Namche Bazar. After following the trek you can reach the blue/green colored Gokyo lakes. You can experience the longest glacier that is ngozumpa glacier during the trek. The mesmerizing view of Gokyo lakes and Chola pass and the glacier is unforgettable for a lifetime. This trek offers you the best experience of trek

Overview of Everest Chola pass trek

Maximum altitude: 5420 meters

Best time for trek: March-May and September –  December 

Total duration: 19 days

Trek difficulty: Moderate-challenging

Destination: Nepal

Highlights of Everest Chola pass trek

  • Gokyo lakes
  • The longest glacier of Khumbu region- Ngozumpa glacier
  • High altitude pass- Cho la pass

3. Everest base camp via Gokyo lake

Everest base camp via Gokyo lake is the powerful trek and a challenging one compared to the traditional Everest base camp trek. This trek offers you an additional view of Gokyo lakes and other beauty of blue/green freshwater glacier of the Gokyo. You can experience other variety of the Himalayas along with mount Everest. Peaks like Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, pisang, etc are the other Himalayas that overwhelms you throughout this trek. The plus point of this trek is that you can enjoy and spend more time with the Himalayas of Nepal than the traditional trek to the Everest base camp


Maximum altitude: 5554 meters

Best time for trek: March-May and September –  December 

Total duration: 21 days

Trek difficulty: challenging

Destination: Nepal

The trek starts from a flight from Tribhuvan international airport to Lukla airport. The trek to the Everest base camp and this trek via Gokyo lake is the same till Namche bazar. When you reach Namche bazar then you part ways with the traditional Everest base camp trek. The trek gets trail towards the Dudh Koshi valley and eventually leads you to the blue/green colored Gokyo lakes and the peak of Gokyo RI. This trek is more challenging as it contains more different landscape variations than another trek.


  • Gokyo lakes
  • Sagarmatha national park
  • Views of the other Himalayas like Cho Oyu, ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, etc
  • Explore and experience the cultures and traditions of Sherpa people.

4. Island peak climbing with Everest base camp

The island peak climbing contains two portions of trekking that is trekking to Everest base camp and reaching to the summit of Island peak. It is a little bit more challenging than any other trekking in Nepal. It covers both experiencing factor-like trekking and mountain climbing. In other way we can say it is suited for those people who wants to experience further thrill and adventure than normal trekking routes. This trail is located in the Khumbu region.


Maximum altitude: 6189 meters

Best time for trek: April – May, and September –  November 

Total duration: 19 days

Trek difficulty: Extreme Challenging

Destination: Nepal

Island peak climbing with Everest base camp starts from a flight from Tribhuvan international airport to Lukla. Then after the trekking trail leads you to places like phakding, Namche bazar, etc. you can explore Tengboche monasteries during the trek. During the way you can hike to the Kala Patthar where you can see the different views of the Himalayas especially Mount Everest. There is a hotel named Everest view hotel which is very famous for trekkers. You can ret there for a day. While trekking you can find yourself bounded by the Himalayas where you can feel you are in heaven.

After reaching base camp you can summit to island peak. The peak is surrounded by glaciers so it is known as island peak. The views from the island peak are breathtaking. You can enjoy the scenery and snow ridges on the way to the top of the summit following the professional guides. As this is not a normal trek you should carry equipments that are necessary for climbing a mountain. You can observe the tradition and culture of local people and can spend some of the time with them during this trek.


View mount Everest from Kala Patthar

Observe culture and tradition of sherpas and local people

Experience the Sherpa monasteries, glaciers along the way

5. Everest base camp heli trek

Everest base camp heli trek is the luxurious trek. It is a short duration trek. This trek is targeted to those people who cannot walk much and observe the beauty of Mount Everest with less effort. Reaching to the Everest base camp is a dream of every trekker out there but due to issues like altitude sickness, time complexity and health problems they could not attend to the base camp. This trek is acted as an alternative to reach the base camp. 


Maximum altitude: 5545 meters

Best time for trek: March-May and September –  December

Total duration: 11 days

Trek difficulty: Moderate

Destination: Nepal

Initially you need to take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek towards Gorakshep. You can view different peaks like Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Nuptse, ama Dablam, pisang etc. when you reach the Gorakshep you can climb in helicopter and reach to your destination which is Everest base camp.


In trekking travel and tour offers and welcome you to fulfill you dream come you with these awesome trekking packages. These trekking destinations are the best thing you will ever experience in your lifetime and leave with unforgettable memories with you.

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