Manaslu Trek Difficulty
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Published On : 6th September, 2023

Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Manaslu Trek is one of the challenging and adventurous treks in Nepal that takes you through the wonderful paradise of the remote Himalayan region. The trek takes you around the world’s eight highest mountains , Mount Manaslu which has the altitude of 8,163 meters. The name Manaslu stated as ‘the spirit mountain’.

The locals believe the mountain as the benevolent and strong deity. In this trek you can do both Camping trek and tea houses trek. Most of the trekkers claim this trek as the best trek of Nepal. This trek offers the spectacular mountain views as well as the thrilling adventure. The trek provides a memorable unparalleled alpine experience. You will be trekking several ups and downs in the trail exploring the enthntic culture of the people of the region. 

Manaslu region was a restricted area until 1992 and no foreigner has permission to enter the region. But now it is one of the popular trekking destinations in Nepal. However, you need to take a restricted area permit for trekking in the region. Manaslu trek is the trek in the northern Himalayan range of Nepal which lies in the Gorkha district.

The trek will take you to the remote villages, lush landscape, wonderful green forest, waterfall, along the majestic views of mountains. Larkya La pass is the highest altitude to ascend in this trek which is at the altitude of 5,213 meter. 

Wondering about the difficulties about the Manaslu trek is common among the trekkers. The various factors like weather, temperature, altitude, physical and mental health, gears, clothing and many more play a vital role in determining the degree of difficulty in this trek. Despite the difficulties and challenges, the trek is becoming one of the popular as well as desirable treks for many adventure seekers.

The development of new trials has decreased the difficulty level of the trek. That doesn’t mean the trek is easy, you need to have a sound physical and mental health condition for the successful completion of the trek. You need to trek long hours in the remote areas. 

Some of the factors for the difficulties of the Manaslu trek are explained below:

Weather and Temperature

Weather is the major factor which plays the vital role in determining the level of Manaslu trek difficulty. Manaslu trek is 16 and more days trek so you will face various changes in weather and temperature. You will be traveling through various climatic zones like tropical, subtropical, temperate, subalpine, alpine and arctic zones. Similarly, the vary in altitude also causes changes in the temperature. You might face downpours, chill winds and freezing nights. Therefore, you need to be well prepared to face any challenges caused by the weather and temperature. Nepal witnesses four seasons in the year and they are Summer(monsoon), Winter, Spring and Autumn. The temperature, wind, rainfall and sunshine varies from the season to season. Summer and Winter are the most difficult season for trekking in Manaslu region. 


Summer in Manaslu region is mostly hot and wet. Summer in Nepal means regular rainfall and hot temperature. Due to rain, the trail is full of leeches and mud. You  need to have a very good pair of trekking shoes for the slippery trails during this season. 


The Winter in Manaslu starts from December to February. This is the coldest time of the year. The temperature at night can reach upto -15 degrees. You will be facing snowfall and freezing temperature during this season. Due to snowfall, Larkya La pass might be closed in winters. With right packing and well preparature, you can still do Manaslu trek in Winter. 


Autumn is one favorable season for trekking in the Manaslu region. In this season you will have a warm temperature which is best for trekking in Himalayan region. Similarly, you will get the opportunity to witness the spectacular views of mountains like Manaslu, Gamesh, Himchuli, Annapurna and many other peaks. 


Spring season is the peak season for trekking in Nepal. You will have the clear weather and finest views of majestic mountains during spring season. You will also witness the beautiful Rhododendron blossoms in this season. 

 Trekking distance

The total distance of the trek is about 177 kilometers. Manaslu trek is done in the Northern Himalayan Range of Nepal which is the west central part of Gorkha district. The highest altitude point is 5213 m (Larkya La Pass ). If you are trekking on a standard 17 days tour itinerary then you will be walking for 10 to 12 days with 15 to 20 km of average walk each day which can be a bit tiring. On this trek you will be crossing some thrilling suspension bridges above Budhi Gandaki River which is the deepest and largest river of Nepal. 

Altitude Sickness

During high altitude trek, altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness create difficulties in the trek. Manaslu trek has a large variation of altitudes. You have to deal with the various altitudes during the trek which is a bit difficult to adjust. This trek begins from Seti Khola which has the altitude of 700m upto Larkya La pass which has the altitude of 5213m. Severe altitude sickness can take your life therefore following are some preventive measures. 

  • Avoid any kind of alcohol, cigarettes or any kid of medicines like sleeping pills
  • Climb slowly and steadily. You body need to adjust the change in the altitude so take give time to you body
  • Your body need to be hydrated to avoid altitude sickness so drink a plenty of water  during the trek
  • Acclimatization is another major factor to avoid altitude sickness. Therefore, choose the itinerary that has proper acclimatization days
  • Eat the food with high calories as your body needs more energy to trek at high altitude
  • If you have any headache or heaviness in your body then stop and take rest immediately.

Duration of Trekking

All your life you are living in the city area with facilities and services and then suddenly going to the remote areas for more than a week could be a challenge for you. Coping with the environment and altitude could be a factor that created difficulties during the trek. The length or duration of the trek plays the essential factor to determine the level of difficulties in the trek. You can also add or reduce some days in your trek according to your preference. Standard trekking in the Manaslu region takes about 2 weeks to a month. Trekking and staying in the villages, forests along the river sounds good for 2 or 3 days but for weeks could be tiring. So train yourself for trekking by preparing through strong body and strong determination. 

Mostly Asked

Limitation for Manaslu Trek

There is no age limitation for trekking in the Manaslu circuit. But you need to understand your own ability. If you are physically and mentaly strong then only try this trek because it is one of the difficult treks. Consult your doctor before trekking the Manaslu region. 

Type of Accommodation

In Manaslu trek, you will find most tea houses. The accommodation in the tea houses is varied from a variation of location. The altitude of the location or the tea houses determines the prices of the facilities of the trek. Tea Houses in the Manaslu region also offer basic facilities like food, wifi, hot showers, rooms, and phones. However, wifi and hot showers might not be found in higher altitudes. 

Training for Manaslu Trek

Training the body and mind helps to overcome and cope up with the difficulties that you may face during the trek. You can train your body and mind through various techniques.  Trekking in the rough trail in the remote area can create difficulties. So you need to build your stamina before going on the trek. Similarly, you also need to maintain a proper diet plan. For physical training, you can do some exercise like jogging, running, swimming and many more. Breathing meditation can help for mental health. This will help to build strong determination to trek further.

Tips for Manaslu Trek

Following are some tips for you if you are doing Manaslu Trek. 

  • Carry the necessary clothing and equipment. Take the expert recommendation if needed.
  • Choose the clothes according to the season and weather.
  • Book the accommodation, accessibility in advance if you are trekking in peak seasons. 
  • Choose the suitable shoes and sock to make the trek more comfortable. 
  • Take the refillable water bottle with you to be hydrated during the trek. 
  • Trek the reliable guide and porter for the trek. 
  • Carry  some insect repellents and table salt to avoid insects like mosquitoes and leeches if you are trekking in summer. 


Although Manaslu Trek is one of the challenging treks, you will appreciate the experience of the trek. If you build the strong physical and mental strength, you can easily complete this trek. The region is full of the natural and cultural beauties. With proper guidelines and training Manaslu trek is always the achievable trek. You can also trek on off season in Manaslu trek, if you love peace environments.

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