Island Peak Climbing Cost
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Published On : 22nd November, 2023

Island Peak Climbing Cost

Island peak climbing is one of the best peak climbs in the Everest region. It is peak climbing to Imja tse at the summit of 6189 m above sea level. The peak lies in an extension of Mount Lhotse’s ridge that runs south of Lhotse Shar peak. 

This journey starts with a thrilling flight to Lukla. Then, the route follows the classic way to Everest Base Camp until you reach Dingboche. After reaching Dingboche, you will head towards the village of Chulukung and hike to Pareshaya Gyab, Island Peak Base. The next day, you head to the summit in the early morning. 

The interesting fact about Island Peak is that members of the 1953 Everest expedition named it as it looks like an Island from Dingboche. The total cost for Island Peak Climbing is around USD 2055 per person. The expedition is more expensive than other trekking because it includes trekking and climbing. 

Island Peak Climbing Cost can be distinguished among accommodation, permits, transportation, food, drinks, travel insurance, and equipment. 

Accommodation Cost

If you book a package, accommodation cost is included in it. If you book a luxury package, you will be provided with five-star accommodation. If you book a standard package, you will be provided with three-star accommodation. The hotels in Kathmandu cost from $20 to $250.

This cost varies from city area to remote area. In lower regions, you can find hotels from normal to five stars. But after you reach a higher altitude, there are limited night stays. Only small teahouses with fewer facilities are available. 

If you trek independently, you can find decent and comfortable lodging in the lower region. But after ascending to a certain altitude, lodges are limited. Teahouse trekking is the best option for this trek. The cost of a night stay is $4 to $5. The prices are more reasonable during the season.

If you choose a package booking, you won’t have to worry about accommodation in higher regions. The travel agency will pre-book the accommodation along the trail and ensure your safe return.

Transportation Cost

Transportation requires more expenses than other services. The starting point of this trek is Lukla. You can choose a flight or a road journey to Lukla. Your package includes all your domestic transport expenses except for international flights. 

If you choose a 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, it costs USD 150 per person. But if you choose road transportation, you can choose a public bus or a private jeep. The cost of one-way local buses ranges from USD 10 to USD 12. It takes 6 to 9 hours to reach Lukla by road transport. 

You can also choose a helicopter ride up to Lukla. However, it is very expensive. You can select any transportation according to your comfort. You can discuss with your travel agency to help you decide the way of transportation. 

Food and Drinks Cost 

The cost of food and drinks varies according to altitude. In lower altitudes, foods are cheaper with many choices, while once you reach high altitudes, your choice is limited and quite pricey. 

You will have many food options in Kathmandu, costing USD 5 to USD 10. There are multiple food choices for veg as well as non-veg. If you want a fancy dinner, it costs from USD 25 to USD 50. 

Due to the transportation issues, you must survive in Dal Bhat on the whole trail. Dal Bhat is a traditional Nepali dish made of rice and lentil curry. You can have tea, coffee, and soft beverages in tea houses. 

Permit Cost 

Permits are legal licenses for trekking in Nepal. It is mandatory. A climbing permit and a trekking permit are needed to climb Island Peak.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association can issue a climbing permit. A person cannot issue this permit. You will need a government-registered local trekking travel agency to get this permit. You need to provide the necessary documents and wait for the permit.

The price of this permit varies based on the seasons. It costs USD 70 to USD 250, depending on the season. The price is expensive during peak seasons and cheap during off-seasons. Spring and Autumn are peak seasons, while Winter and Summer are off-seasons.

  • In Spring, it costs USD 250 per person
  • In Autumn, it costs USD 125 per person
  • In winter and summer, it costs USD 70 per person 

Island Peak lies in the Khumbu Region of Solukhumbu District. So, Khumbu Pasand Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance permit is mandatory to trek in this region. The fund is utilized for the management and welfare of the Khumbu Region. This permit is not available in Kathmandu. You can get this permit from Lukla. 

It costs USD 18 per person to enter the Khumbu Region. The cost of this permit is constant for all the seasons. 

Travel Insurance Cost 

Travel Insurance is mandatory for trekking in Nepal. This service is not included in your package. You have to get travel insurance from a trustworthy travel insurance company. It is best to get from your country before your Nepal flight.

You can encounter many dangerous situations during this trek. So, your travel insurance must cover medical emergencies, evacuation, and elevations up to 6000 m. You can also check if it covers trip cancellation and luggage loss. 

The cost varies according to policy and length of the insurance. But on average, it costs around USD 120 per person.

Equipment Cost

Trekking gear is a must to attempt any trekking. You need tools, warm clothes, and hiking boots. You can rent high-quality trekking gear from a reputable rental shop, such as poles, crampons, weatherproof coats, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. 

Renting these trekking gear costs USD 1 to USD 10 per day. The price depends on the tools and the caliber of goods you choose. 


Therefore, Island Peak is an Island look-alike Peak in the Everest Region. This summit climbing takes you to an altitude of 6189 m above sea level. Island Peak Climbing is a great start if you are preparing for high-altitude peak climbing.

Plan this journey with a registered travel agency in Nepal. They will help you with every necessity carefully. You can state your preferences to them while planning your journey. 

Talk with our local travel specialist who can help organize Island Peak Climbing. You can inquire about this package directly on our WhatsApp.

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