Invitation letter for Visa Approval – Department of Immigration Nepal. Recommendation letter (Outdated)

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Namaste, everyone if you are planning to visit in Nepal,  then you need a visa for Nepal.  As you all know, it was easy to get a visa to Nepal before the covid-19 pandemic. But now you can’t get an arrival visa to Nepal quickly due to the Covid pandemic. However, if you have an “invitation letter for visa approval” which is issued by the department of immigration Nepal, you will get an arrival visa at Tribhuvan International Airport.

In order to issue this application, you must go through a trekking agency. So, if you want to come and visit Nepal, you can contact us to get this Invitation Letter for Visa Approval (protocol). We will manage everything to provide this protocol to you.

The requirements to issue Invitation Letter for  Visa Approval (protocol)

  • A copy of the passport
  • Both way Flight Tickets (International Flights)
  • Travel Insurance – should cover Covid 19 and higher mountain
  • Hotel Booking
  • Vaccination certification

    On Arrival Visa recommendation letter. How do you get on arrival Visa recommendation letter from Nepal trekking agency/company?
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(Note: Click here to find updated information about On Arrival Visa in Nepal)

Visa For Nepal Reccommendation information

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