Covid-19 present situation in Nepal and quarantine rule for International travelers
Rajesh Neupane Written By: Rajesh Neupane
Published On : 6th September, 2023

Covid-19 present situation in Nepal and quarantine rule for International travelers

Nepal is going through the most difficult situation now as the growth in the Covid-19 rises up day by day. Although the government of Nepal had held a cabinet meeting including the Tourism board and Ministry of culture, Tourism and civil aviation especially for  making the protocols in entry of foreign tourists on 25 March 2021. 

The meeting concluded with making easy and comfortable protocols for the travelers travelling Nepal. They ended with a proper quarantine rule for international travellers and also needed a covid insurance of worth 5000$.

There is also a rule that tourists who are already vaccinated against a Covid virus are not necessary to bring the negative PCR report. If there is someone who has not even vaccinated should bring a negative PCR report no older than 72 hours before the time of departure to Nepal International Airport for getting an entry visa.

There are different covid vaccines but it doesn’t matter which one is but you must have approved one. If you have already got second doses of covid vaccine too then you can come freely to Nepal but must follow the procedure of quarantine rule.

In short, travelers can travel to Nepal with the following documents:

  • A visa approval letter
  • A travel insurance
  • A vaccination certificate (vaccine passport) for vaccinated travelers.
  • A negative PCR test report (taken before 72 hours from their point of departure to Nepal) for non-vaccinated travelers

You may be wondering what the process of approving a visa letter is or the process of getting it. In the answer to these questions for the approval of getting a visa need to be a pre-approved visa.It is also most important to take those procedures for a mandatory to obtain a visa in the arrival at the Kathmandu airport.

The embassy will give you a visa letter. Some of the important letters that need to be taken while getting visa documents.

  • A scanned copy of the traveler’s passport
  • A flight itinerary
  • A travel insurance

Some of the procedures for traveling to Nepal

Talking about the traveling procedures in Nepal differs as the condition of covid rises and decreases. This information is only applicable for a certain period of time but it exactly gives you the fruitful information needed for traveling to Nepal. 

Take a report of PCR test of Covid with a negative one which must not be older than  72 hours from the time taken for departure. In the other place, they should have a visa from the embassy or the consulate office in Nepal based on their own permanent homeland.

If there is mentioned the offices which are not closed vincity according to the traveler’s place. They must carry a visa approval invitation or recommendation letter to have an arrival visa that is stamped on their own passport. 

In terms of visa arrival, Traveler s needs to submit the details of the flight, a scanned copy of the passport, and attached with insurance of covid documents. In the form of prior getting the documentations travel company help to deliver the letter that will be delivered to the tourists via the help of communication, a medium that is suitable to them.

After arriving Nepal   

The time of arrival in Nepal and before making a trip they must get a report of a negative PCR test. Nepal is already going to make tourism open for the international traveler but the present situation may not happen. Most trekking and tourism activities such as village tours, adventure activities, sightseeing of religious and historical, trekking risk-taking sports and many others traveling experience type of tourism.

All those tourists who really want to, take their plan traveling to Nepal must follow some of the important procedures to travel Nepal. Read carefully the above article so that you will be able to get a good level of information for traveling. 

How to trek during the pandemic?

The most important thing is that you need to carry a PCR test report. It is not more mandatory in all of the trekking regions of the country. But if you come up with the report then it will really help you to bring a PCR report that is Negative for the trek.

It is obvious that the trekker needs to share their regular health conditions with the trekking or tour officer. It is necessary to take the important action that should be taken if the tourists are having any signs and symptoms at the time of the trek.

Always remember to sanitize and make your hands washable with good soap in the various available destinations. At the same time, you need to carry enough effective sanitizer for personal use during the time of trekking. 

It is also important that you need to take precautions to mask rules for tourism activities in Nepal. It is also impossible for hiking up the level of rugged trails and steep hills of the country to put a mask on a face. In terms of encountering the other travelers or crowd, they will put on their masks.

Some of the guidelines that you need to take while trekking in the various regions of the country. We also need to be worried that you might not take the virus to the mountainous region of Nepal. So in other ways, villagers need to follow safety procedures and travelers should follow certain instructions.


As you can read the above article so that you can get the information and situation of covid-19 in Nepal. There is also a quarantine rule for both coming to Nepal and trekking regions of a country. There are also hurdles for coming to Nepal as we are going through the most uneasy situation.

You can even continue the plan for the vacation from Nepal as it goes through covid. You can come through the various countries of Asia like China, Bhutan, India, And many other countries. 

Due to the pandemic condition across the world, the year 2020 is a total loss and a disaster for the tourism industry In Nepal. However, starting the year of 2021 with a positive hope but we are not even in the easy condition. But we are in the ready positions as in the covid situation comes under the easy conditions. We are eagerly waiting to welcome international tourism as fast as we can as the condition of the pandemic goes out.

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