Best time to go Everest Base Camp Trek
Rajesh Neupane Written By: Rajesh Neupane
Published On : 6th September, 2023

Best time to go Everest Base Camp Trek

Every year thousands of people trek in Everest Base Camp throughout all seasons. The purpose of your trek also changes the best time to do EBC. For trekking, the best seasons are Spring and Autumn which are from March to May and September to November respectively. If you are doing a helicopter tour, you can go anytime in good weather. In the monsoon season. After a rainfall, a day before the helicopter tour is the best time to see the mountains and scenery of the Everest region, at that time you would see the crystal clear mountain views. Below are the essential factors you need to consider while doing the EBC trek. 

Weather and temperature

The EBC trek is done at a high altitude of 5380 meters above sea level. Therefore, the region offers extremely cold and adverse weather conditions. The Everest region never has a warm but there are still dramatic differences in precipitation, temperature, and snowfall throughout the year. The climate and temperature of the region in different seasons are given below:


Autumn is the peak season to trek in the Everest region. In Nepal Autumn is from September to November. In these months you will have a moderated temperature for trekking. The routes in these months are usually crowded. You will get the opportunity to experience and observe the incredible mountain view and the forest of colorful Rhododendrons and oaks. The sky during these months is crystal clear which provides the opportunity to view the spectacular mountains and peaks.


Spring months which are February to May are the most popular in the region. You might have a show shower if you are trekking in early spring, but the weather is mostly dry and stable. The weather and temperature of spring are suitable for trekking and high-altitude climbing. Most of the Everest summit is done in these months. You will have the best weather conditions. You will have a clear blue sky and little to no rain and a rare chance of snowfall.  


The winter in Nepal lies in December, January, and February. It is a bad time to trek to Everest Base Camp but it is the off-season. The temperature in these is extremely cold therefore you need to be well prepared for the freezing conditions. You will have an excellent view of the mountains as in winter you will have a clear sky. Similarly, you will have a peaceful environment as in these months the region has fewer people on the trail. 


Summer in Nepal means Monsoon season which is not an ideal time to travel to Everest Base Camp. you will have wet weather which makes the route slippery and muddy. Talking about the temperature, it is usually warm and it rarely rains all day. So if you want to trek in these months, the rain won’t stop you from a successful summit. The rain will affect you in the lower altitude, since EBC is a higher altitude trek the rain won’t cause any problems. You can do the Helicopter tour, trekking is not your thing.  You won’t have a clear mountain view due to fog and clouds.


Nepal witnesses the many Hindu and Buddhist festivals throughout the year. The people in the Everest region are mostly Buddhist Sherpas which is completely different from the Hindu culture of the Hilly region. The festivals in the Everest region usually fall in October or September. Mani Rimdu is one of the important and famous festivals for the Sherpa people. Tengboche Monastery is the most reputed monastery in the area. So, it is better to visit the area during the ritual dance of monks who are dressed in colorful and elaborate costumes. 

High season crows and alternative route

Autumn and Spring season are the peak seasons to trek in Nepal. Since the EBC is the most popular trekking in Nepal, the trails are usually crowded at these times. These days, the accommodations are usually packed so you need to book in advance. Trekking alone can be risky and unsafe, therefore it is better to trek with a guide. In the summer and winter, there won’t be too many crowds so you won’t have any difficulty getting a good accommodation facility. 

There are many alternative treks for Everest Base Camp where you will see fewer trekkers than in classic EBC trails. Some of the alternatives of EBC. you will have a wonderful glimpse of the landscape, culture, and spectacular mountains. 

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