Lumba Sumba – La Trek - 24 Days

Lumba Sumba – La Trek

Lumba Sumba – La Trek Highlights:

“Adventure to far north Kanchenjunga massive mountain range and beyond remote areas
On ancient Trans Himalaya Salt and Caravan route of Nepal and Tibet via Lumba-Sumba pass
Following the age-old trail into isolated areas of far North of Nepal Eastern Himalayan range
Explore the undisturbed and untouched pristine region seldom ventured by few trekkers
Trekking on route Kanchenjunga within world third highest mountains and beyond far north
Exceptional views of Eastern Himalayan peaks in harmony of local village culture and custom”

Best Time for Lumba-Sumba-La Trek:

From March to May and September to November months of the year, where March to May longer days with much sun-light hours till late afternoon with clear days for excellent views of snow-capped peaks and pleasant walks, can get cloudy with light rains and can snow on higher elevation sometimes.

March to May where hills are alive with seasonal wild-flower in bloom especially rhododendron of various species from tall trees to bush, September to November another best time for clear views of peaks and walks but shorter days and sunlight hours due to autumn or fall season.

Much colder nights and morning including around shades away from sun-light expect snow around higher hills with more freezing temperatures.


Lumba and Sumba-La Trek an adventure that leads you to cross the highest spot of the journey at above 5,160 m and 17,028 ft high, where you will overwhelmed with a fascinating panorama of high snow-capped peaks of Easter Himalaya includes dramatic and stunning landscape scenery.

Lumba and Sumba-La Trekking a high pass where in Tibetan language ‘La’ a sign of great respect where in Buddhism all high top hills and ridges abode of gods and holy spirits hence the word La as a holy admiration.

Located Far North Eastern Himalaya within and beyond world 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga range of peaks which falls on old Trans Himalayan Salt and Caravan Route of Nepal to Tibet border where our walk leads close at Holung and Walungchung – Gola the last mountain village on route Tibet eastern frontier.

An amazing adventure quite different to other popular trekking around Nepal Himalaya region as the walk takes you to remote and isolated areas seldom ventured by main flow of trekkers or visitors, where you will be in complete wilderness of mountains, green dense alpine forest within the shade of nice lovely villages enriched with Buddhism religion and age-old cultures.

Lumba and Sumba-La Trekking delights you from the moment you step in for long walks to unknown and undisturbed country of Eastern Himalaya within great Kanchenjunga mountain range, adventure begins after flying into low warm areas of south-eastern Nepal then heading into higher cooler hills to start our wonderful walking journey.

Walk follows through beautiful areas of Taplejung district within farm lands and interesting villages where one catch impressive varied mixed cultures of the hill people interwoven with Hindu and Buddhism religions.

As route follows on Kanchenjunga main trail towards its northern base camp and then our direction change heading due north beyond Kanchenjunga range of mountains entering into pristine woodland of tall rhododendron, magnolia, oaks, pines and fir tree lines within Yak pasture land.

Slowly our adventure enters at Holung and Walungchung- Gola the main villages around Lumba and Sumba area which is on route to Tibet border, at Holung and Walungchung- Gola enjoy exciting time exploring this remote villages festooned with Buddhism religion of old heritage and fascinating cultures, of simple and happy living.

After a marvelous time around Holung and Walungchung- Gola walk leads to cross the highest point of the adventure over Lumba and Sumba-La pass to reach downhill around rural farm villages and following river gorge and valley to reach at Num a town on route Makalu base camp.

At Num where our adventurous walk completes taking a short interesting drive to reach around low warm Arun valley at Tumlingtar situated on a shelf of Arun River and farm land, from this nice town short scenic flight reaches you back at Kathmandu to end our fabulous adventure and experience on Lumba and Sumba-La Trekking.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu via various international airlines and transfer to hotel.

Day 02: In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour at places of interest and world heritage sites

Day 03:Fly to Bhadrapur 300 m and drive to Ilam town 1,365 m – 05 hrs.

Day 04: Drive to Taplejung 1,820 m -04 hrs.

Day 05:Trek to Mitlung 921 m- 04 hrs.

Day 06: Trek to Chirwa (1,270 m – 06 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Lungthang 1,576 m – 06 hrs.

Day 08: Trek on route Holung – 05 hrs.

Day 09: Trek to Holung / Walungchung – Gola 3,200 m – 06 hrs.

Day 10: Rest day at Walangchung – Gola.

Day 11: Trek to Lumba Sumba base 4,450m – 07 hrs.

Day 12: Cross over the Lumba Sumba la 5,160m – 08 hrs.

Day 13: Trek to Thudam 3,600m – 06 hrs.

Day 14: Trek to a Kharka at 2,850m – 05 hrs

Day 15: Trek to Chyamtang 2,190m – 07 hrs.

Day 16: Trek to Hon-Goan 2,320 m – 06 hrs.

Day 17: Trek to Hatiya 1,585 m – 06 hrs.

Day 18: Trek to Gola 1,128 m – 05 hrs.

Day 19: Trek to Gadhi-Danda 1,180 m – 06 hrs.

Day 20: Trek to Num 1,560 m – 05 hours.

Day 21: Drive to Tumlingtar 950 m – 04 hrs.

Day 22: Fly to Kathmandu from Tumlingtar and transfer to hotel.

Day 23: Free day in Kathmandu for individual activities.

Day 24: International departure for homeward bound.

Day 1
Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu via various international airlines and transfer to hotel.

On fresh arrival at Kathmandu and Nepal international airport received by staff and guide with short transfer into the heart of Kathmandu city around exciting areas at Thamel where your hotels situated, here our guide will brief about treks and other necessary information regarding your stay and of the treks.

At evening group welcome dinner in a nice authentic Nepalese restaurant with cultural program to give you the glimpse of local culture with music and dance while having your dinner.

Day 2
Day 02: In Kathmandu sightseeing tour at places of interest around world heritage sites

A free day in Kathmandu after breakfast join in our exciting and interesting sightseeing tour led by our expert city guide to show you the historical wonders of Nepal within world heritage sites, after a great and enjoyable tour with time for trek preparations.

Day 3
Day 03: Fly to Bhadrapur 300 m and drive to Ilam town 1,365 m - 04 hrs.

Morning transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport for short and scenic flight that takes you towards Far Eastern Nepal around flat country called Terai belt, during 45 minutes on air grand panorama of Himalayan mountains includes views of Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga.

On landing at Bhadrapur airport and then drive from low warm country to reach around cooler alpine hills where a nice town of Ilam located, a famous area for tea within its wide field of tea-garden with views of Kanchenjunga peaks.

Overnight stops at Ilam an interesting mid hill town where you can observe eastern people of Nepalese with varied cultures of mix tribes.

Day 4
Day 04: Drive to Taplejung 1,820 m -04 hrs.

Morning drives continues for short while of few hours to reach around Taplejung at Sukhetar, a place with small airstrip.

From Sukhetar transfer to local lodge or in tented camp for overnight with time to explore the town of Taplejung here witness cultures and traditional farm life of eastern Nepalese

Day 5
Day 05: Trek to Mitlung 921 m- 04 hrs.

After overnight in Taplejung, first day trek starts past many small farm village to reach at Mitlung, as route leads on winding path with few straight up and down into forested areas of rhododendron and pines trees; where climb leads to a high hill facing scenic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Kabru peaks, as walk continues with descend to Tamor River encountering short ups and down to reach a nice lovely Mitlung farm village for overnight stop.

Day 6
Day 06: Trek to Chirwa 1,270 m - 04 hrs

From Mitlung today a short walk that lead to long descend at Tawa village to cross fresh streams then reaching a pleasant farm village at Chirwa, a nice village of mixed ethnic tribes mostly dominated by Rai (Kirat tribe) with few Magar, Tamang and Hindu Chettries, Brahmins includes Dalits people, enjoying pleasant time at Chirwa and witness cultivation of cardamom fields in the dark shade of dense tree line.

Day 7
Day 07: Trek to Lungthang 1,576 m - 06 hrs

From Chirwa walk on river bank within mix landscapes of lush cultivation of cardamom garden in the shade of thick trees, from here walk higher up over farm fields with short descend to overnight camp at Lungthang, a small farm village where air is much cooler with dramatic change of culture of Tibetan Buddhist religions.

Day 8
Day 08: Trek on route Holung - 05 hrs.

Today our route leads to change direction from main Kanchenjunga north base camp trails heading straight north-ward into complete isolation and great wilderness towards Holung walking on steep path facing glorious views of Kanchenjunga peaks then reaching a small clearing in the middle of forest for overnight camp.

Day 9
Day 09: Trek to Holung / Walangchung-Gola 3,200 m - 06 hrs.

Walk today leads to our destination at Holung located on-route Tibet border; this is a large village with high mountains around, Walangchung – Gola also called Holung, here with 2 overnights, to explore this interesting and impressive high remote village.

Day 10
Day 10: Rest day at Walangchung - Gola.

A wonderful village for rest and to explore around isolated and remote rural village, where houses are built of stone-work, the locals known as Bhotia’s tribe of Tibetan origin with Buddhism religion and fascinating culture, the native still trade with Tibet on this old caravan route exchanging and trading goods from both sides. Here visit the village and old monastery.

Day 11
Day 11: Trek to Lumba Sumba base 4,450m - 07 hrs.

After a marvelous and pleasant time in Holung village and Wangchungo-la, morning leads to Tamor Khola and at the confluence of Dinsangba River that later joins with Tamor river way downstream.

From here cross a small wooden bridge with a climb for 3 hours to reach Lumba Sumba ridge top, into rhododendron, pines, oaks and magnolia tree forest,

From the top downhill to Dinsangba Khola and again climb passing several yak pasture called kharka to reach a large green valley, continue walk over black rock band to another valley and complete the day walk with overnight stop on the grazing meadow.

Day 12
Day 12: Cross over Lumba Sumba la 5,160m - 08 hrs.

Starting very early morning a long day trek of over eight hours following a faint trail heading North West to a stream that flows from high rocky cliff edge, after few hours of nice walk reaching an icy pond, from here climb over a plateau beyond to ridge top of Lumba Sumba-la pass at 5,160 meters.

The highest point of the adventure offers grand views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Khumbakarna Himal with massive range of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

From the top a long descend losing more than 600 meters to reach a wide valley and to camp on the large pasture field at 4,500 meters altitude the highest camping spot of this trip.

Day 13
Day 13: Trek to Thudam 3,600m - 06 hrs.

After being isolated from human settlements and village for some days, from here walk towards warm low area with gradual descend and climb for a while and back on pleasant path with few short ups on route, and into a forested area to reach at Thudam, a nice village with Tibetan style as in Holung village built with stone and fine pine woods.

Day 14
Day 14: Trek to Kharka 2,850m - 05 hrs

After nice moment around most remote area of Eastern Nepal, walk leads into dense forest to camp at Kharka (Sheppard’s shelter), at first following a path through thick vegetation of bushes and tall trees then heading downhill to river and with short climb in between but more or less on downhill path walk to reach an isolated yak herders camp at Kharka for overnight stop.

Day 15
Day 15: Trek to Chyamtang 2,190m - 07 hrs.

Today another long walk of seven hours, starts with short climb to a small village on the mid-hills just above Arun River, from here three hours climb to a small pass and then a long descend on muddy / wet trail to reach Arun River.

From here walk across a bridge, which leads to a steep climb to overnight camp at Lhomi village and Chyamtang both village linked together.

Day 16
Day 16:Trek to Hon-Goan 2,320 m - 06 hrs.

Morning walk leads on moderate trail with few short ups and downs passing many scattered farm villages then reaching to a village with a large old landslide section that badly damaged many houses including its schools in the year 2012, from here a nice walk leads to Hon-Gaon for overnight stop.

Day 17
Day 17: Trek to Hatiya

From this village, morning takes you to much warmer country around sub-tropical climate zone, journey continues following Arun River downstream fed by the glacier of Mt. Makalu and Barun Himal flowing close at Tumlingtar, later joins Sun Kosi on the flatland of Nepal Terai.

Walk leads past many farm lands, villages to reach our overnight camp at Hatiya village, a popular village located on Nepal / Tibet trade route.

Day 18
Day 18:Trek to Gola 1,128 m - 05 hrs.

After Hatiya walk leads past many spread-out farm villages of cultivated terraces with rice paddies, continues following on the main trail for five hours, then downhill with short ups to reach overnight stop at Gola a farm village.

Day 19
Day 19:Trek to Gadhi-Danda 1,180 m - 06 hrs.

From here onwards villages encountering various race of mix tribes with Kirat Rai, Magar, Gurung, Chettries, Brahmins and few Dalits people, as walk leads on interesting route coming across friendly villagers and finally reaching at Gadhi-danda for overnight stop, offers views of Jaljala rocky peaks of Milke Danda area.

Day 20
Day 20:Trek to Num 1,560 m – 03 hrs.

Today last walk of this adventure to Num village, on leaving Gadhi-Danda village descend to farm fields for few hours, passing many villages and then end the day walks at Num village located on route Makalu base camp, and this village slowly developing into a town along with the construction of motor road.

Day 21
Day 21:Drive to Tumlingtar 950 m - 04 hrs.

After a memorable adventure on remote high hills and mountains within farm villages, from Num taking an exciting drive on the rough road passing past villages with beautiful views of surrounding green hills and peaks, after few hours of drive reach Khandbari, a main town and headquarter of Sanka Sava district of Makalu region, after a short rest continue drive for an hour downhill to Tumlingtar with overnight in the comfort of nice lodge.

Day 22
Day 22: Fly to Kathmandu from Tumlingtar and transfer to hotel.

Morning short distance walk from the local lodge to Tumlingtar airport for scenic flight to Kathmandu after a wonderful and memorable trip on high hills of Far East Himalaya around and beyond Kanchenjunga, on reaching Kathmandu transfer to respective hotels with afternoon free for own individual activities with farewell dinner.

Day 23
Day 23:Free day in Kathmandu for individual activities.

Reserved as free and spare day in case of delay on route trekking or flight from Tumlingtar, this contingency day helps to maintain our trekking itinerary days and program, where one can enjoy free and individual activities in Kathmandu.

Day 24
Day 24:International departure for homeward bound.

Last day in the country of high Himalaya with colorful cultures our guide and staff transfer you to the airport for your international flight homeward bound or to next respective destinations after a glorious adventure and great experience on Lumba and Sumba-La beyond Kanchenjunga Trekking.

What's included

  • Arrivals and departure transport by car (We will collect you from the Kathmandu international airport) and transfer to Hotel.
  • Half day sightseeing in Kathmandu (Boudhanath and Pasupatinath) with city guide and necessary transport.
  • 3 nights’ accommodation (2 persons per room) in Kathmandu in a 3* standard Hotel with breakfast.
  • Kathmandu – Bhadrapur & Tumlingtar – Kathmandu flight ticket.
  • All land transportations (by private car/bus).
  • Full Camping trek with all meals and hot drinks during the trek serve by Cook and staffs.
  • Tented accommodation with dining, table, chairs, toilet tent, and shower tent.
  • Salary, insurance, food, accommodation for guides and porters, Supporters’ staffs, cook, porters.
  • Kanchenjunga special permits and national park entry permits. Makalu valley restricted area entry permits and Makalu Barun national park entry permits.
  • Group First Aid Kit.

What's not included

  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Trekking equipment any type of personal expenses such as Alcoholic Beverage drinks,phone and Laundry.
  • Emergency Rescue and Travel Insurance.
  • Trip Cancellation cost accident or Health, Loss Theft or Damage and personal effects. we Advice you to take out personal Travel Insurance.
  • Tips

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Lumba Sumba – La Trek