Kailash Trek Via Simikot - 16 Days

Kailash Trek Via Simikot

Mt. Kailash, Kora/Parikrama (56km course ) for 2 and a large portion of a year.Otherworldly travel to Mt. Kailash and crowded Manasarovar Lake.

Mt Kailash With this hard excursion which begins with a pleasant drive in the Nepal-Tibet limit, we advance toward Mt. Kailash, completing a six-day-long and strenuous walk around Simikot. The Mt Kailash trek by means of Simikot gives the enterprise looking for explorer an extreme enterprise encounter! The six-day trek through Simikot is helpful in acclimatizing to the sloping region and diminishes the threat of high elevation ailment. That is the motivation behind why the Simikot trek is most normally utilized by visitors who mean on observing the Mt. Kailash district. The trek will likewise please individuals who look for a kind of the religious side of Tibet and Nepal. We begin the Kailash Kora or Parikrama; a religious stroll cycle a display of excellent view.

An excursion to Gyandrag Monastery may be sorted out in the occasion the explorer needs to make an additional one-night stay at Darchen. The religious community is arranged around five km from Darchen town and requires around 3 hours to reach. This Monastery is possessed by the Kagyu organization and has been revamped in 1985. It offers agreeable housing, alongside the additional time spent in the cloister helps the voyager better adjust to the high rise of the territory.

A representative of religious convictions notwithstanding a desert spring of characteristic magnificence, a trek to Mt. Kailash will unquestionably surpass all desires for voyagers into the zone! The King of all Holy Mountain,” Mt. Kailash is likewise Called Mt. Meru. This mountain is the center of the Buddhist world in which the originator of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, directed Buddhist customs. This isn’t any envisioned world depicted in Abhidharmako satra of Buddhist sacred writing, however, a genuine Mountain, offering significant, religious peace, the explorer may encounter firsthand. Mt. Kailash’s summit is the best snow-topped summit from the bombastic choice, and furthermore, the criticalness of the title, Kailash, is prized snow mountain or holy person from the Tibetan dialect. The elevation of Mt. Kailash is 6,714 meters over-ocean level. The picture of Kailash is as often as possible put alongside the measure of Buddha about the Buddhist holy places of Tibet. Voyagers making the Mt. Kailash trek by means of Simikot have the opportunity to see more religious sites since they make this wonderful journey about Kailash.

Examine our goal that is settled for Mt Kailash Trek through Simikot or send us an email and we’ll tailor make an agenda as per your requirements.


  • Every one of the air terminal and lodging exchange as indicated by the itineary.
  • Every one of the national flights and surface transporation as per the schedule.
  • 3 evenings inn convenience in Kathmandu town at 3 star resort comprehensive breakfast and bed.
  • Every one of the essential climbing licenses of Nepal and Tibet segments and religious communities passage charges.
  • Twofold sharing rose settlement amid the journey.
  • Full board suppers with warm espresso and tea all through the trek.
  • An expert English speaking Nepal climbing guide for Nepal segment and Tibetan manual for Tibet part.
  • A broad therapeutic unit box.
  • Goodbye supper at ordinary Nepali eatery.


  • Worldwide airfare
  • Additional night resort and suppers in Nepalgunja on flight scratch-off to Simikot by virtue of the dreadful climate.
  • Costs of their own inclination and some other alcoholic and delicate drinks
  • Eatery sustenance solicitations in the outing, if the clients select to go at the eatery amid our outdoors interim.
  • Guesthouses cost any place from this Strategy
  • Nepal reentry visa charge.
  • Riding horse over the trek.
  • Additional watchman for your private day sack pack
  • Additional cost on catastrophic events and legislative issues dissent
  • Any activities in opposition to Chinese govn rule and direction
  • Extra night resorts in Kathmandu than program

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Kailash Trek Via Simikot
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