I am thinking traveling trekking in Nepal how?.

My dream Now. visit letter. 

I think Nepal is one of the most popular and beautiful country. I here about there is many Himalaya, Glaser, hiking spots, trekking spots, cultural diversity,  customization, socialization, hospitality, hardly welcoming,  people are mostly happy in world. Then coming day i would planning.  I think i got one website,  intrekking which offer my holidays as well.

Holidays vaccination is best

My holidays is any date  probably November December,  is cold but best session for trekking and traveling. This time as Christmas and coming new year holidays too.

Best government Registered trekking and traveling agency company/agency.

I choose my self  and my one friend recommendation me intrekking which is regional,  best services company which is located in Kathmandu thamel- 26. He’s name  Rajesh Neupane,  he is managing Director of Info Nepal Tours & Treks .

How do i got contact Number or email.

My friend told me he’s  WhatsApp+9779841936940.

Email [email protected].

I hope i will find out him.

How do I meeting him?

He is living at Kathmandu Nepaltar.  Every day coming office in thamel.  Not even as public holiday. As call or email.

Facebook creation 408010689

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