Climate is the main segment that decides your journey plan to any territory of the world. Nepal is perfect to see whenever. It’s conceivable to find awesome spots to trek someplace in the mountain zone at whenever of every year. Despite the fact that the typical width of Nepal is just around 200m, it incorporates an incredible topographical decent variety and different height coming about generous climatic contrasts. On account of this, you can feel a differed sort of plant and plant in one day walk. Nepal’s climate ailment is reliant upon the season and rise of the put. Climate is typically unsurprising and remains fine in Nepal.

Nepal experiences four seasons:

Spring period starts from March and completes in May. Days are hot with fluffy mornings and temperature changes between 20 *C – 30* C (68* F to 86* F). This truly is decent to trek in this year in light of the fact that the rising heights gets a dynamic look by Rhododendron blooms and heaped up snow starts to liquefy at the higher elevations.

Summer starts from June and proceeds for August. Nepal gets rain harvest time due to storm and summer is pre-rainstorm and storm a long time with discontinuous night tempests and attractive temperatures. All through the storm, it rains almost consistently and permeability is awful. Then again, the beginning long stretches of summer are sweltering and muggy, so you have more prominent chance to see Everest district yet the mid-year is soggy and best to trek the areas, for example, Dolpo, Manang, and Mustang since the locales situated in rain shadow.

(c) Fall: September-November

Fall is the busiest traveler time in Nepal. Most trekkers and climbers favor fall as the best time to seeing Nepal. All through the mid-year, days are obvious with decent climate, permeability is incredible, minimum rain, people in cheerful disposition, direct temperature exchanging between 20* C to 30* C (68* F to 86* F). This is accurately the indistinguishable season once the key celebrations of Nepali, particularly Hindu, Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat are imminent.

(Id ) Winter: December-February.

Winter times are to a great extent clear, night and morning are nippy and a day is extremely splendid. The more noteworthy heights have occasional snowfalls. The season is embedded to trek just in the lower rises. The temperature drops even lower than solidifying stage in mountain territories and changes between 0C to 20* C in zones like Kathmandu.